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The Center for the Study of Women, Science and Technology (WST) at Georgia Tech promotes the recruitment, retention, and advancement of female students and faculty in science, technology, engineering and, math (STEM) fields.

The WST Center welcomes faculty, staff, and students interested in issues of gender, science, and technology in research and programmatic initiatives. Our many activities and initiatives include:

  • Annual WST Distinguished Lecture
  • 2021 年 5月 14 日 随笔档案 - 双眸 - 博客园:2021-5-14 · 2021年5月14 日 Java爬虫Ins博主所有帖子的点赞和评论导出excel 摘要:前言 某天朋友说,能不能帮忙扒下ins的博主帖子,要所有帖子的点赞和评论,我本来准备让会python的同事写的,最后还是自己顺手写了,本来一开始准备用nodejs或者js写的,想着 ...
  • Mentoring residents of the WST Learning Community
  • Volunteer service with GEMS (Girls Excelling in Math and Science)
  • Workshops on research collaboration
  • Faculty career development

Please explore our website to learn more about WST and the many ways we influence the success of women in science and technology.

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Institute Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion provides intellectual leadership and strategic direction for the infusion of diversity and equity throughout all aspects of teaching, learning, research, service, and outreach central to the Institute's mission.


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    WST Mentor Program

  • 2022还能用的梯子

    Women's International Research Engineering Summit (WIRES)

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    Girls Excelling in Math and Science Program (GEMS)


  • Kaye Husbands Fealing

    From Talk to Action

    【福利】两个自用四年的ss+V2ray+Trojan的稳定老牌梯子 ...:2021-6-11 · 国外便宜VPS主机论坛 › 综合讨论 【福利】两个自用四年的ss+V2ray+Trojan的稳定老牌梯子推荐,防封性能超强节点质量极高 mingdao · 1天前 · 30 次点击

  • Early Admission Decision photo

    New Process Allows Georgia Students to Receive Earlier Admission Decision

    Admissions adds new early action deadline for Georgia high school students.

  • 简单两步--搭建自己的专属梯子 | 码农网:2 天前 · · 2021年6月16日 程序员老黄历,宜:锻炼一下身体,抽烟,申请加薪 · Dart 引入了 Null safety · Facebook "TransCoder AI"可在 Java、Python 和 C++ 之间转换代码 · 2021年6月15日 程序员老黄历,宜:写单元测试,洗澡,抽烟,重构 · PHP 庆祝 25 周年,朝着 8.0 版本

    Institute Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (IDEI) will host a virtual panel discussion entitled “Race at Georgia Tech: A Call to …


Sorry, no upcoming events found.

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